Keep Your Health In Check

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The real benefits of good sleep

Sleep is so much more than just rest. Something as simple as sleep can have an enormous effect on the quality of your life! It will not only determine your energy level, but also the level of .
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Motivation Monday

Good morning everyone!
Today is Monday. The day many on the internet decide that everyone could use an extra boost of motivation in the form of a deep quote. Instagram manifests this in the .
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Back To School: The Importance of Dental & Vision

It’s that time of the year! Kids are flooding back to school but are they prepared? This is a great time to get dental and vision checkups for your children and even yourself.

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness & EAP

PTSD Awareness Day – June 27th

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Packing On The Muscle

We’ve all seen the stereotypical gym guy guzzling his protein shake and other media sources which encourage us to EAT MORE PROTEIN for making muscle gains. Just because it’s overly done, it doesn’t .

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Meet The Driver: Lorietta Jones

Here are CFI we're proud to have some of the best professional drivers in the industry as part of the family. Whether they always knew they wanted to become a professional driver, or they .

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Road Ahead: Benefits Beneficiaries

Something that we don’t like to think about is death. If we think about it, it becomes reality. Unfortunately, those circumstances will arise at some point, and you need to be sure your house is in .

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Prevention Is Key

Maybe you are in your 30s and in the best shape of your life, do you really need preventive care? Yes, preventive care is important for everyone.

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Meet The Driver: Vicky Bumgardner

Women's History Month is drawing to a close, but there's still time to celebrate some of the women who are making history each day while over the road. Let's meet another member of our female driver .

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