• October 31, 2023
  • CFI Communications

Four Steps to an Easier Weight Loss Journey

For some, weight loss is part of the journey to overall physical health, and it is not easy! Here are four steps that can make the journey less difficult:  

  • Plan it. This is a very effective and simple way to go about weight loss. Too many of us wing this process which is never a good idea. Use an app like Lose It or My Fitness Pal as a helpful tool to do the math as you go through the day. Enter your meals as you go and let the app tell you where you are. Have a “go-to” meal plan which meets your nutrition for the day. This way you don’t have to think about it.
  • Schedule your workouts in your calendar like an appointment. While workouts don’t drive the weight loss, workouts are a part of it. This is your promise to yourself; please keep it. You will build strength, you will build muscle, your joints will feel better, and your mood will be much improved. When you are hitting on all cylinders like that, guess what, that affects your weight loss. Don’t let your workouts go by the wayside. Figure out a time that works for you and stick to it. This is you This is for you. Life will try to get in the way, so schedule it. Aim for at least three sessions per week. Even if it’s walking for 20 minutes, schedule it.
  • Stop over complicating what you need to do. This is super common; we all do it. Do not obsess over the details of “how long should I do this” or “which exercise should I do first?” Focus only on doing something that will get your heart pumping and do it consistently. Set the treadmill for 15 minutes at an incline. The last five minutes should be difficult. Lift weights and go as heavy as you can without compromising form. The last two reps should be difficult. If it’s easy, challenge yourself next time. You must be a little uncomfortable to see progress. If you are going for 10 reps and can only do five, that’s ok. Be smart but push yourself.       
  • Prevent emotion from driving what you do. This is super important in all decision-making. If we let emotions in, we’re in trouble. For example, you step on the scale, and it spiked two lbs. Emotions kick in and you hear “I can’t be consistent” or “I’m not motivated” or even “I don’t know what I did wrong!” “Was it that croissant I ate the other day?” The scale upsets us so much that it has the potential to derail us. Don’t let emotion take over. Emotion will try to tell you that you are failing and that this is never going to work. You must engage logic and let logic take over. Have that conversation in your head. Tell yourself to stop with the negativity and get back on track.    

Put in the work and the effort. Be consistent. You will succeed.  



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