New Year, New You?

With the arrival of 2014, resolutions for the New Year are abound. Many of you have expressed health and wellness related goals for 2014 and we would like to help you accomplish them.

Please share your New Year's resolution with us and we will check in with you each month on your progress!

2014 Resolutions

Just before the turn of the New Year, a handful of our drivers shared with us their 2014 resolutions on Facebook:

  • Become one year closer to a million safe miles and lose 20 lbs. - David P
  • Realistically speaking, lose 15 pounds, but 45 is my goal. - Stephen B
  • Need to drop around 50. - Adam A
  • Stay on my diet! - Ricky H
  • Quit smoking! - James C
  • To eat better, thereby losing weight. Already working on tobacco cessation! - Tony C
  • Buy a truck!!!! - Don L
  • To spend more time with my wife. - Wendall B
  • To be better with my paperwork. LOL. Get set up to buy a truck. - Michael K
  • I would love to lose weight and get a fridge in my truck so that I can at least have healthier food. - Jonie C

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Happy 2014!

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