• October 28, 2011
  • Katlin Owens

Turkey and Cheese Flatout® Wrap

Have you tried Flatout® bread yet? You can find it at most grocery stores and it’s known for its low-calorie, low-fat, high fiber (the good stuff that keeps you feeling full) products. Flatout bread can be used to make sandwiches, pizzas and more


Here’s a recipe you can make while on the road or before you go.


    • 1 Flatout Light Flatbread

    • 1 oz. fat-free ranch dressing (Don’t like ranch dressing? Try mustard instead. It’s fat-free.)

    • 3 slices deli style oven roasted turkey breast (3 oz. total)

    • 1 slice light cheddar cheese

    • 2 tomato slices

  • 1 Romaine leaf


Spread dressing (or mustard) over the entire flatout. On one end, layer the turkey, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. Roll, cut in two and enjoy!


    • Calories: 265

    • Total fat: 7.5g

  • Fiber: 10.4g

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