Tom Gonzales: Professional Driver & Featured Photographer

CFI recently launched our newest driver recruiting campaign, Pictures of Pride. We knew that the best, most compelling reasons to drive for CFI came not from a billboard or brochure, but from the professional drivers that bring CFI values to life every day on the road.


Driver Tom Gonzales has not been driving over-the-road for long, but he has already captured some stunning photographs of his adventures. For the launch of this campaign, we selected his photograph of his truck shot in Coachella, CA.

Meet the man behind the wheel and behind the camera.


Tom Gonzales 2


Trucking helps me both financially and to stay in touch with family and friends easier. I can visit across the nation. I had a friend stop to say hello at a fuel stop in Phoenix and on the way through Cheyenne I can see family. My grandson lives in Ft Collins, CO and I am able to visit on way to the Lowe’s distribution center. I've spent time with him three times this year already!

Now that I’m driving I am keeping in better touch with all of my family members. After my dad passed from cancer, I live with my mom. I call her every night to check in.

On the financial side, I'm able to afford nice insurance, like using CFI benefits and 401k. Even though I have two degrees, Business Marketing BA and Masters in Business Administration, it was difficult to find a job in the El Paso job market. I served one term in the Air Force, stationed in Korea and North Dakota. Now driving takes me on a tour of the country where I get to meet new people and have new experiences. Trucking gives me the opportunity to give back. I’ve helped people with something as simple as directions all the way to helping them with something they can’t do, for example an older gentleman struggling to slide tandems.

Driving for CFI, out of the blue I hear ‘oh that’s a good company,’ or ‘you drive a truck? CFI? Yes that’s a good company.’ Makes me feel good to know I got it right the first time since I’ve only had my license since November.

I really enjoy taking photos for CFI. Other than photography, my hobbies include guitar, singing, and golf. I take my clubs on the truck and there is a golf course 8 miles from our Laredo terminal that I can take an Uber to. I have a cat (Lady Spike and dog Oliver as well as Tuffy) but they do not ride on the truck with me.

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