Lattes and Spice and Everything Nice About Pumpkins!

With autumn in full swing the infamous round orange mascot of the season is everywhere: coffees, pies, lotions, pasta and even beer. Pumpkins aren’t just a yummy bakery sweet – they offer some great .

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Healthy and In-Shape with Professional Driver, Victor Martinez

We are often inspired by how our drivers stay in shape while on the road. Recently, while at Con-way Truckload headquarters in Joplin, Mo., Professional Driver Victor Martinez stopped by and shared .

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1,000,000 lb Challenge by Toby Bogard

At Steering Your Health we know staying healthy on the road is difficult. We share tips and stories to hopefully inspire all drivers to conquer the health challenges in an over-the-road career.

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Con-way Truckload's 'Biggest Loser' Follow-up

Look at Professional Driver Dale Davenport of West Lafayette, Indiana! He was 2013's 'Biggest Loser' contest winner at Con-way Truckload. Recently he stopped by headquarters in Joplin, MO., to say .

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Man’s Best Friend Joins Con-way Truckload Driver Team on the Open Road

Meet Jake. A five-year old Australian Shepherd who is no stranger to the highway.

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Sleep Apnea and the Truck Driver: Part 1

by Dennis Estep, DO, MPH, FACOEM

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If fast food is your ONLY option.


Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day -- it gives you energy to start the day and is linked to many health benefits. Studies show that eating a healthy breakfast can help .

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Dealing with Allergy Season on the Road

It’s allergy season and when your job is driving a rig, you can’t afford to be sneezing behind the wheel.  Spring pollen is definitely in the air and chances are the cab of your truck is no safe .

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The reality is...

8,700,000 Class A CDL drivers on the road today.

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Workout at a Terminal Near You

If a stop to a Con-way Truckload terminal is in your future, which it most likely is, be sure to grab some time for a workout. Most drivers know that our terminal facilities include laundry rooms and .

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