Staying Current on Industry News

As over the road drivers, it’s important to stay on top of industry and economic news that may affect your business as an Owner Operator and career as a company driver. The trucking industry is a constantly evolving its rules, regulations and technologies that can leave the uninformed driver in the lurch.

Among the topics of interest are financial and business advice, including updates on the latest technology, tips on taxes, insurance, fuel economy and budgeting.

Every trucker needs to keep abreast of current changes in highway rules and regulations. We’ve provided a few of our favorite news sources below provide up to the minute reports on a variety of legal issues pertaining to the industry including weight limits, truck classifications, fuel prices (and what is driving them), OSHA’s Motor Safety Report, emission standards and hours of service.

Interesting and informative discussions, tweets, blogs and articles furnish timely messages related to road conditions, weather advisories, health and wellness, job opportunities, advice on what to do in case of emergencies on the road; even the best places to eat. Check out some of the outstanding news sources for drivers below and let us know if you have any other recommended sources!

Road Dog on SiriusXM Satellite Radio (Sirius/Channel 128) is an excellent source of information to access while on the road. The hosts of the various programs are all experienced, industry experts who approach trucking not just as a business, but as a lifestyle and appreciate it for contributions made to American culture. is the largest online trucking community in the country, connecting thousands throughout the trucking industry. You can also access them on Twitter at

Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine contains award-winning articles on a vast number of issues affecting the industry. Check out their Facebook page or contact them at

Finally, try Transport Topics or Whichever venue you choose, you’ll stay up-to-date and informed on all aspects of our great industry. If you have a favorite news source, please share with us.

More news resources for drivers:

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