From RoadKing: Alternate Routes to Fitness

Originally published January 4, 2014

Alternate Routes to Fitness
Drivers take many roads to better health

By Joe Morris

A contest was the entrée to healthier living for Dale Davenport as well. Just as his doctor informed him that he had high blood pressure and was prediabetic, Con-way Truckload launched its own version of the “Biggest Loser” contest.

“I would have gone on a diet no matter what, but I’m really competitive so this came along at the right time,” Davenport says. “I hate losing at anything, so this was a great way to get headed in the right direction.”

The contest featured individual and team competitions, with those losing the largest percentage of body weight taking home the crown. Overall, the drivers, non-drivers and teams lost more than 2,000 pounds, and Davenport took first place after shedding 40 pounds, or 15.8 percent, of his total body weight. And in the eight months since, he’s kept the bulk of the weight off.

Dale Davenport

“My wife and I drive as a team, so I’ve had great support,” he explains. “But I also took it off slowly, which helped. I do all my own cooking, and don’t touch fast food. I eat 500 calories three times a day, and I have a food plan so I know when and what I am going to eat. That way I don’t ever get too hungry.”

He also exercises six times a week, getting in workouts for three days, resting for one day, and then back at it. Like his diet, he says scheduling is everything.

“It does seem to mean everything to me; I have to exercise before noon or my brain just doesn’t feel right,” he says. “Even when I was big I exercised, but it was much harder. Eating was always the thing I couldn’t stop doing, so not letting myself get hungry is the thing. Exercising, eating and sleeping at the same times, which can be difficult as a team driver, has been the way to go for me.”

Dale Davenport

Even with that, Davenport put 12 pounds back on, but has already dropped three of those. “It’s a day-by-day thing,” he allows. “If you stop or slow down, you will lose some ground. But you can always make that back up.”

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