Recap: Military Appreciation Month Live Chat

On May 28th, 2015 we were pleased to celebrate Military Appreciation Month by discussing trucking careers for military veterans in a Facebook LIVE chat. Check out the transcript below for some insights. Remember: you can always ask us questions on Facebook or Twitter, just include #ConwayTL in your post or post to our Facebook page!

Con-way Truckload: We're taking questions live! To get us started, here's a view sent along by Tomy Fox, one of the drivers of our new True2TheTroops truck!


Con-way Truckload: In case you missed it, we launched a new program "True To The Troops" on May 1st to honor our veteran drivers, do you have any questions about transitioning to trucking from the military?

Q. Hi, can you tell me a few things that Con-way Truckload does for the Troops?

Con-way Truckload: Thank you for asking. We have a variety of programs to support our military, they fall in two categories: charity and recruiting. We are the national transportation sponsor of HOLY JOE'S CAFE, a group that provides coffee to our troops overseas, reaching 35 different countries. We are currently honored to pull The Wall That Heals Vietnam memorial in the Michigan, Illinois and Indiana area this week-we will be with the Wall in other parts of the country later this year. We also sponsor Wreaths Across America and will donate to that group closer to the fall. We have a True to the Troops campaign and recognize our military veteran employees internally as well... 16% of our employees have military experience.

Q. If I am a Veteran, or even Active Duty, How can Con-way Truckload help me transition into becoming a Professional Truck Driver?

Con-way Truckload: For recruiting we have a number of great programs to help new drivers transition from the military to working with Con-way Truckload. We partner with U.S. Army Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) Program and Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program as well asFASTPORT to help recently separated military personnel find the right job. Through our Con-way Truckload Military Apprenticeship Program qualifying veterans or reservists who choose to start truck driving careers with Con-way Truckload as students can use their GI Bill benefits to supplement their income up to $1,000/month in their first year of employment. We also have a Driver Certification Program: Drivers with recent military driving experience and a CDL will be considered for our Driver Certification program in Joplin, MO. Upon completion, the driver trains with a Driver Trainer for 7,500 miles and can quickly transition to the experienced driver pay scale. Call to speak with a recruiter to see if you qualify.

Q. That’s awesome. What's the number to speak to a recruiter? 

Con-way Truckload: 866-437-4956

Con-way Truckload:  New to the field? We put together a over-the-road driving 101 that may answer some of your questions!…/

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