• April 26, 2016
  • Tim Hicks

What makes a professional?


It is safe to say that the trucking industry has changed over the years. The type of equipment we use, the training required and many other things have made us change the way we do business, but do those changes impact how we do our jobs? Acting like a professional does not mean we need a certain type of truck. It is making that conscientious effort to pay attention to how we are presenting ourselves to the public and to the customers.


Personal appearance

You are the company to our customers. When you are picking up or delivering a shipment, make sure you are presenting yourself that way. This doesn’t require a uniform or a shirt and tie. Think about it this way, if you go to a restaurant and the wait staff comes out in dirty pants and holes in their shirts your impression of the restaurant changes, right? It’s the same way for professional drivers. How you act, talk and dress is a reflection of the company you work for.


Showing pride in the workplace

When you leave a trailer in poor condition or trash the inside of your truck, you are nonverbally saying you aren’t proud of the company you work for. For the majority of drivers, the truck is your home away from home. Why wouldn’t you take care of your home? I once read an article where said if a driver had litter strewn across their dashboard it gave a pretty good indication that he didn’t care of the outside. Take care of the equipment you use, it’s that simple.



I cannot stress this one enough. Things happen on the road we get it. Weather delays, breakdowns and about a million other things can cause you to miss a deadline, but you need to communicate that to your team so they can relay that information to the customer. Making excuses and showing up late is not the professional way to handle those situations.


Be considerate

You are the professional. No one else had to go through the training, school and background checks to like you did in order to get behind the wheel. Lead by example, use the SMITH system and always use the 5 Keys of Safety. While we know the vehicle who just cut you off is annoying, tailgating him is not the answer.

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