• September 23, 2019
  • Silvia Angér

Motivation Monday

Good morning everyone!
Today is Monday. The day many on the internet decide that everyone could use an extra boost of motivation in the form of a deep quote. Instagram manifests this in the form of a flexing selfie showing off perfectly chiseled abs above a pretentious caption implying that if you believe hard enough, then you can make these gains or be this thin, tanned or whatever your goal may be.
Instead of focusing on the nonstop internet noise, let’s get down to the nitty gritty:
A) You need a little more action and a lot less internet. Motivation has been there all along just waiting for you to show up.
B) You’re responsible for you. You may have zero control on heredity traits, but you are 100% responsible for what YOU do. Take responsibility for what you do and the choices only you can make.
C) You may be right, it is harder for you, so what? Genes play an important role in how quickly we transform. One person barely lifts a few weights and you can see muscles quickly, while you are killing it and see little or no change. Or, you have a job which takes up most of the day leaving little time for other things. So, will you choose to do nothing because it’s hard? C’mon, you must NOT rationalize that doing nothing is ok.
D) No, you can’t have it all. There are things you do now that are not the things you should do to get to your goal. You know the person you want to be, that person would not choose to go from sitting at an 8-hour shift and then compounding it with eating all you care to eat. You must understand this concept and adjust.
E) Learn to say NO. “Hey, there’s donuts in the breakroom! Want one?” Yeah ok. “Hey, want another beer?” Ok sure! Try saying no the next time this happens, so you can see that you’re not a helpless victim to your desires or those of your peers and you can say NO.
F) The healthy body you want in the future is the sum of all the things you do today. Eating better today doesn’t seem like enough, today. Taking a walk when you’d rather watch Netflix, may seem like it’s not paying off, today. But do both consistently for 3, 6, 12 months? And you’ll be a whole new person, body and mind.
G) Everyone needs somebody sometime. Maybe, because you can read, you feel you have access to all nutrition and exercise advice on the internet that you will ever need. But just maybe, you need a little help to get started and sort through all the chatter. Hire a personal trainer with good credentials who will filter it all and customize to you. Commit to working with him/her for at least one year!
H) One huge meal doesn’t mean complete failure. One Thanksgiving reunion eating is not going to ruin your progress any more than one great day of eating light isn’t going to show you progress. But if after you’ve eaten your weight in mashed potatoes, then you do it again for a week…a month…then you’ve got a problem. Don’t be an all or nothing person. Get back on course after that holiday, after that party or after that vacation.
I) What if the problem is you? It’s hard to look in the mirror and take ownership. Maybe I haven’t really applied myself for longer than a couple of weeks. Let’s try this diet, now this diet…no, how about this one? Working out for a couple of weeks then giving up because ‘nothing is happening’? Sometimes it really is us and we need to come clean about that before lasting change will take place.
Losing a bunch of weight quickly says you’re highly motivated. However, losing it slowly and maintaining it for years shows you’ve learned patience and practice habits which are more powerful than any Monday motivation.

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