• June 9, 2018
  • Mindy Adamson

Keeping your personal information safe

We recently took a closer look at card skimming devices with Financial Crime Officer, Detective Francis from the Joplin Police Department. In this segment we're taking a look at the high risk areas where credit card skimming can happen. 

We've all heard of the obvious credit card fraud schemes. A random pop up letting you know you just won money and asks you to click on the link to claim your prize or receiving calls from a "no caller ID" saying your IRS bill is overdue and a payment is due immediately. However, when it comes to paying at the pump or even inside a store, we automatically assume we're safe. 

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, the top five places credit card skimming can occur are:

  • Gas pump
  • ATM 
  • Restaurants/bars

pump card reader has been compromised? He suggested two be on the lookout for anything that seems odd or out of place. Best practice is ask yourself:  

  • Is the keypad loose?
  • Does the card reader stick out from the rest of the ATM/fuel pump?
  • Do you see a small piece that looks odd and has a complete view of the keypad?
  • Does it look like it has been tampered with?

While doing this every time might seem time consuming, in real-time it’s just a couple of seconds and can save you a lot of money and hassle down the road. 

Where is malware located?

According to Detective Francis these devices often use Bluetooth technology and the criminals are nearby. He says that there are some things that the public can do if they suspect tampering. Safety is the number one priority. 

  • Notify police immediately
  • Notify the manager on site
  • Do not touch the machine if you believe it was tampered with

 Additional Preventative Measures

Not all malware can be seen from the point of sale. You may perform all the precautionary checks and still be vulnerable to fraud. There is not a lot of help available as far as apps, but one of our fuel vendors does have a mobile fuel app. Pilot Flying J’s myPilot app is designed to make life easier and safer. Using the mobile fueling feature, you can choose the diesel lane that's likely to open first, securely save your payment cards and store your payment card prompts for future use.

How to use it: 

  1. Download the myPilot app from your app store.
  2. Enter your fuel card information as the payment.
  3. Enter your loyalty points card so that when you fuel the points will automatically be tied to your loyalty account.
  4. When you need to fuel there is no reason to run the card.  Just use the app and it will start the pump. 

Remember to stay vigilant with your information. In our final segment we will talk about the steps to take if you find yourself victim of credit card fraud. 

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