How The Cargo Thieves Stole Christmas

We know that cargo theft often peaks during the holiday season. A recent analysis by CargoNet found cargo thieves stole more than 9 million dollars worth of goods over Thanksgiving weekends alone between 2013 and 2017!

A contributing factor is that warehouses, truck stops and parking lots are often fully or partially closed with smaller, holiday staffing. Thieves use this opportunity to take anything from food and beverages to household goods. Unattended trucks have proved to be a tempting target over previous holiday weeks.

Cargo theft incidents occur all across the country, with many areas that CFI serves such as Texas landing high on the list of locations. In fact, in this analysis 15 different cargo theft incidents occurred there! With consumer confidence (and holiday spending) up, this year, we can expect enterprising cargo thieves to continue targeting the warehouses, truck stops and parking lots that are a part of our lives.


We can't make cargo thieves hearts grow in size, but we can get smart with our own actions to better protect the holiday gifts and vital goods that we transport every day from cargo theft.

Here at CFI, we know that smart actions from skilled professional drivers are often the deciding factor when it comes to keeping cargo both secure and safe. Nothing can replace vigilance and common sense.

Jeff Messer, Safety and Security Analyst here at CFI has put together a number of these best practices to share over our next several blog posts. Stay tuned, and together we can make sure this is a cargo theft free holiday season at CFI!


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