Healthy and In-Shape with Professional Driver, Victor Martinez

We are often inspired by how our drivers stay in shape while on the road. Recently, while at Con-way Truckload headquarters in Joplin, Mo., Professional Driver Victor Martinez stopped by and shared his journey to better health with us. We have stayed in touch via e-mail and he shares his accomplishments and latest photos. Victor has been on a juicing and detox diet while staying fit using the P90X exercise series, and works to encourage other drivers to try it out.

Q1: What did you change in your lifestyle to lose weight/become fit?
A1: I got rid of sodas - completely. Basically, I changed my perspective on the foods I chose to eat. Portions are about the same but I am making healthier choices.

Q2: Do you have any special foods or habits that helped you?
A2: I eat a lot of fresh vegetables - no canned, all fresh: bell peppers, cucumbers, celery, avocados. Tons of fruits and vegetables and I never use salt.

Q3:Did you introduce or ramp up an exercise routine?
A3: P90X and Insanity work out routines mostly. I also created my own small routine so if I did not have time for the P90X at least I was doing something small to stay active. I work out 5-6 days a week, including during my home time.

P90X set up by truck
Q4: What advice do you have for others who want to make this change?
A4: Stop saying tomorrow and do it right now! I was guilty of that, "Oh, I will start it up tomorrow,” or “oh, I will start it up next week."
Workout while on the road
Q5: Any additional things you would like to share with us and other drivers?
A5: I’m going back to juicing all my fruits and vegetables and cutting out solid foods. I make a one week detox and start back in on healthy foods. For detoxes I use kale, beets, cucumber, carrots, ginger and one clove of garlic per drink and drink it all day.

I watched the show, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, and they showcased a truck driver from England who weighed over 400 pounds. The guy was on a large amount of prescription pills. He dropped down to 200 pounds by juicing and now he travels the country and speaks as the ‘Juicing Trucker.’

Supporting each other
I have a juicer on my truck and a friend of mine juices as well. We encourage each other and, admittedly, can get very competitive! The competition keeps me on track – we’re both competing to be healthy and to lose weight. If I wins she has to make me a homemade meal and take me to Vegas, but if I lose, I have to buy her a day’s worth of fuel! Fitness is definitely a journey and I’m looking forward to what’s next.

Stay tuned for more juicing tips from Victor!

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