GATS Q&A with Gretchen, recruiting manager

This morning, our Recruiting Manger, headed out to the Great American Trucking Show (GATS) in Dallas, TX. Before she left, we asked her some questions about the show.

Find Con-way Truckload at GATS
Dates: August 22 – 24, 2013
Location: Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX
Booth: #20167
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Con-way Truckload: @True2BlueJobs
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What makes GATS a great show for drivers to attend?

It’s a great opportunity to get an expanded view of the entire industry with exposure to other carriers and the different jobs available. There are previews of new equipment as well as a chance to meet and engage with other professional drivers from all over the country. It is also a great way to learn about the latest safety devices and tractor and trailer technologies.

How will Con-way Truckload professional drivers be participating this year?

Our booth is staffed with professional, highly experienced professional drivers who will be available to answer questions. It is an opportunity for potential drivers to get a real-life look into what the life of an over-the-road driver looks like at Con-way Truckload.

What’s the #1 question you are asked at GATS? What is the answer?

We are asked frequently about driving schools and how much training costs. We have information on hand that includes all of our tuition rates as well as our financial assistance programs.

What do you see as the top benefit of attending GATS?

Just being there – we are able to get our name out to prospective drivers and let them know what Con-way Truckload represents. We are there to connect potential drivers with our professional drivers and show them what it means to be a valued employee who enjoys their job and career.

What Con-way Truckload recruitment initiatives will you be discussing at GATS this year?

We will be focusing on tuition assistant programs and our Military Apprenticeship Program.

What type of driver is Con-way Truckload looking to hire at the show?

All types! Students, rookies, experienced, independent contractors, regional and over the road - even those that have simply thought of a major career change. We want to talk to anyone who thinks they may need a change.

For first-time attendees visiting your booth, what information do you want them to leave with?

We want everyone to know that Con-way Truckload is a family oriented company with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere; that Con-way Truckload cares about their professional drivers and can help them be successful and eventually, if interested, own their own trucking business. We want to prove to them that Con-way Truckload really is the best company for them to drive for.

In the eyes of a driver who is contemplating switching carriers, does safety seem to be a priority?

Not really. Most are primarily interested in things like home time, miles on the road and pay rates – which are all valid concerns. However, we feel like you can’t have any of those discussions without talking about safety and health.

Are there any healthy cooking demonstrations or health related events at the show?

I always look forward to the cooking demonstrations! There are always several booths at the show that discuss cooking on the truck with great tips and tricks and recipes. There are also booths covering driver health, exercising while on the road and making better food choices. We will be handing out jump ropes and pedometers at our booth. Two items that drivers have told us really benefit them on the road.

P.S. Don't forget to vote for and cheer on David Foster, independent contractor, in the 2013 Pride & Polish beauty competition at GATS!
David Foster 2012 GATS Pride & Polish

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