Failing at family time? Here are some tips...

I have met many drivers over the years who work to balance family life and their career on the road. Here are some tips I have learned for those struggling to make time for family time.

1. Become each others support group. Set aside a specific time everyday or every other day to talk to them.

2. Lay aside one day that will be a grievance day where you talk about the things that need attention, but aren't emergencies. That way every conversation isn't negative.

3. Make sure to be supportive of those at home because you being gone is just as hard on them as it is you!

4. In the daily talks keep things upbeat even if that means the conversation is short, just keep it positive. A great way is set aside one evening a week and have dinner with the family. Let's say Sunday because that's usually the best day for it. On Sunday evening, park and then if you have a smart phone, tablet or laptop you can Skype, or Tango with your family and share a meal. Then when that's over if you need to drive some more you can do it with a smile.

These are simple things to say, but often harder to do. Just do your best. Having a support system is healthy for your body and your mind.

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