• February 8, 2012
  • Katlin Owens

Pre-work agility testing for drivers

Con-way Truckload to join list of carriers requiring pre-work agility testing for drivers

Strength and agility testing has become one of the most effective means of promoting health and safety in the workplace, helping to eliminate injuries experienced by employees in physically demanding jobs.

The American with Disabilities Act provides that “an employer may give a physical agility test to determine physical qualifications necessary for certain jobs prior to making a job offer if it is simply an agility test and not a medical examination.”

Drew Bossen with Atlas Ergonomics, a company that helps employers administer these tests, says “more and more carriers are requiring this type of pre-work screening in an effort to hire healthier work-forces who are more capable to do their jobs safely. And in the trucking industry, that means safer roads for everyone.”

Atlas Ergonomics provided us with some of the most frequently asked questions regarding pre-work screening:

Why am I asked to participate in a Pre-Work Screen?
The work demands associated with “Trucking” are vigorous and challenging. We want to make certain that you can perform the required demands of the job safely.

Do I need to participate in the Pre-Work Screen?
Yes… as a driver candidate you are required to participate as a condition of your employment. Candidates who choose not to participate will not be considered for employment.

What if I feel the Pre-Work Screen demands are beyond my current physical capabilities?
Under no circumstances should you proceed if you feel the physical demands of the Pre-Work Screen are beyond your current physical capabilities. Please inform the screener if this is a concern.

What if I am unable to pass the Pre-Work Screen?
If you are unable to pass the Pre-Work Screen you will not be considered for employment at this time, though future employment is certainly an option.

What happens when I pass the Pre-Work Screen?
Upon passing of the Pre-Work Screen, you will proceed with your training session.

Safety First and Always...

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