• October 17, 2018
  • Katlin Owens

Meet The Driver: Tanya Lateyice

With equal pay, excellent benefits and a family-oriented environment, driving for CFI offers a great career opportunity for women. We have the drivers to prove it! Out of CFI’s 2,000 driver workforce, fourteen percent are women, while for the trucking industry at large only six percent of the driver population is comprised of women.

In order to showcase our top-notch workforce of professional female drivers and encourage more women to enter the industry, we recently unveiled our newest CFI driver program: She Drives CFI. As part of the program, a special unit displaying a “She Drives CFI” truck wrap honors four of CFI’s longest-tenured women drivers.

Over our next few blog posts we'll introduce those amazing drivers and let you learn a bit more about the women behind the wheel.

Up first, meet driver Tanya Lateyice!



Not only is Tanya one of the CFI drivers on the She Drives CFI truck, she’s the new driver IN the She Drives CFI wrapped truck! Tanya is from New Mexico and has been a professional driver at CFI for almost three years. In that time Tanya has made big contributions as a professional female driver, including representing CFI at the Missouri Truck Driving Championships. She's also a Finisher here at CFI, so expect to see some new female drivers out on the road with Tanya. 

To learn more about She Drives CFI or apply for a job, visit our website here. 

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