• May 14, 2019
  • Katlin Owens

Meet The Driver: Lorietta Jones

Here are CFI we're proud to have some of the best professional drivers in the industry as part of the family. Whether they always knew they wanted to become a professional driver, or they transitioned to over-the-road driving as a second career, we're happy they're here now and helping us to embody CFI values. 

Lorietta and lucky 1

We're also pleased to have a higher-then-industry-average rate of female drivers at CFI. This May, we're even expanding our SheDrivesCFI fleet to continue to bring more attention to the accomplishments of these professionals. Take a minute now to meet another member of our female professional driver workforce, Lorietta Jones. 

Meet Driver Lorietta Jones

Lorietta Jones previously had a career as a Certified Nurses Assistant. When her grandparents passed, she decided it was time for some adventure and to experience what the world had to offer. A career as a professional driver provided just the right opportunity to travel the country while making a steady income. 

She has been with CFI for ten months. One large difference between her previous company and CFI, is the family atmosphere. She says if she needs assistance with anything, and another CFI driver is near, they have always gotten out to help one another back in or slide tandems.

Even when she isn't connecting with other CFI drivers, Lorietta isn't alone on the road. She takes advantage of the CFI pet policy to drive with her 7 year old chihuahua, Lucky. Lucky earned his name by being born premature, but Lorietta put her skills to work and nursed him through.

Just one of Lorietta’s safe habits is walking around her truck when she stops, and before she releases the brakes …EVERY TIME. Thank you Lorietta for being a part of the CFI family and inspiring us!

Are you looking to learn more about life as a woman in trucking? Our SheDrivesCFI program highlights some of the amazing female drivers who have been America's Road Team Champions, taken home honors in the Missouri Truck Driving Championships and more! Through this program, we hope to inspire more women to consider trucking as a career opportunity. Get started by downloading our SheDrivesCFI eBook here.

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