Cheers to Healthy Juicing: Part 1

Currently, a community of Con-way Truckload drivers is supporting each other in the adoption of healthier lifestyles. Juicing has become increasingly popular for those looking to jump start their health, and many of our drivers have questions about it as they share their journeys with us on Facebook.

We want to ensure we provide our drivers with the right information when it comes to incorporating juicing into their diets. And, fortunately, Freeman Health System here in Joplin is more than willing to share the ins and outs of juicing with us.

Photo courtesy of Victor Martinez.

According to Mary McCreery, RD, LD, CDE, Director of Freeman Neosho Nutrition Services, and Shelby Allen, RN, BSN, Freeman Screen Team Supervisor, juicing is a popular way to “fast” or to simply incorporate more fruits and vegetables into a regular diet. People see many benefits when they juice for a period of time, such as a seven-day detox. However, decisions to juice for a longer period of time should be discussed with your doctor because protein consumption is quite low while juicing. A doctor will advise if you need a protein supplement or if you need to reduce or adjust any medications. Overall, juicing vastly increases the body’s nutrient intake including vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which can help us, stay healthy and strengthen our immune systems.

The first few days of juicing can cause sluggishness and fatigue, but that usually ends by day four. At that point, people often feel full of energy.

One thing to note is that juicing should not be used as a long-term solution for weight loss. Usually after a juice fast people start eating healthy foods again and begin to incorporate juicing into a balanced diet. Excess juicing can lead to rapid weight loss, which includes loss of muscle.

Photo courtesy of Victor Martinez.

In Part Two, we will talk about juicing fruits versus vegetables and how to choose the right produce. In the meantime, if you have more questions, please continue to ask!

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