Canine Companionship on the Road

At Con-way Truckload, we like to emphasize the safety of our drivers - down to how they enter and exit their truck. But what about drivers who have their four-legged companions with them on the road?

Meet Bloodhounds: Jethro (7 years) and Serenity (5 months) who are actually related!

Team Jason and Ina Hazlip have five furbabies: the two Bloodhounds, a lab, a Jack Russell and a Basset Hound. Jason's dad, "Grandpa," lives at home with the team and loves taking care of the three who stay home. Jason claims he spoils the dogs. Jason and Ina trade out which dogs get to join them on the road whenever they go home and love having the dogs to get them to be active on the road.

Bloodhounds on the road

One special allowance is that the dogs need assistance to enter or exit the truck. With the smaller dogs it is easier to just pick them up, but with Jethro, Jason gets out of the truck first and stands on the ground. Jethro then puts his front paws on Jason's shoulders and the two perform a sort of bear hug to enter and exit the truck.


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