• October 5, 2011
  • Katlin Owens

Avoid Distracted Driving

What does distracted driving have to do with health? It may be intertwined more than you think. Drivers that are distracted are three times more likely to be in a crash. Those crashes could range from a few bruises to the unthinkable, loss of a life.

The definition of health in wikedpedia (great tool by the way) is the general condition of a person, in mind, body and spirit, being free from illness, injury or pain. When we are distracted while driving how is our mind?

It is interesting that so much of our health has to do with our mind. Most of the time we think that health has to do with our physical bodies and we don’t think about our minds. If our minds are distracted or preoccupied, we are not safe! As drivers we have to prepare our minds each day as we get behind the wheel. It is imperative that we have a proper mindset to avoid behaviors (i.e., texting while driving, eating, rubber necking) that could make us unsafe and put others in danger.

If we engage in distracted driving we are not only putting our health and safety at risk, we are putting others in jeopardy. Please avoid distracted driving and think of the health of others. May we be of a solid mind and strive to focus while driving so we can return home safely every day!

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