Ten Minutes to Better Health

We all watch the commercials. Read the ads. Feel the guilt - especially around the holidays. While ringing in the New Year is often filled with resolutions most of us will break before January has passed, you are more than aware that your health is important. So why wait for 2014?


On Facebook, some of our drivers shared what they are doing:

  • Eat a Subway sandwich. -Timothy C
  • I have lost forty pounds in six  weeks just by making big changes in the things I eat. -Jim M
  • Walking and sticking to my diet. -Ricky H
  • Drinking pretty of H20: no soda! Six months ago I weighed 299 lbs.; now I am 265 lbs. -David P
  • Walk. -Jill
  • I've lost fifteen lbs. Juicing and completely giving up all carbonated beverages has helped. -Stephen A
  • I spent 1 1/2 hours digging out so I could get parked, lol. That's a good workout - lots of snow up here in northern PA. -James C
  • Thirty Burpees doing the thirty Burpee challenge. -Rudy M
  • I quit smoking. It has improved my health a bunch. -John P
  • I cut out all fast food and junk food and walk a few miles every day. -Jim M
  • On the treadmill at Taylor for an hour. -Marty M
  • Go for a walk while unloading. -David F
  • Here in Sparks, NV at the TA... Just behind it, there is a lake walk that leads to a huge outdoor mart like Cabela's. It is a safe walk and the turnaround back to the truck is about a mile and a half. -David D

We would like to hear from you! How will you spend ten minutes TODAY to improve your health?

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